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    Professional Manufacture Of Plastic Cutlery Mould

    Guoguang Mould is a professional in cutlery mould manufacturer,Our cutlery moulds have unique high production performance。
    04 / 02 - 2021

    The future of thin-walled food container moulds

    Guoguang are a leading thin wall mould factory in China, and we supply plastic food container moulds to the world.
    03 / 25 - 2021

    What is a cutlery mould?

    Guoguang has produced various cutlery moulds for various countries around the world. Cutlery products are roughly classified into three types from the perspective of use
    11 / 20 - 2020

    Cutlery mould manufacturer

    Cutlery mould manufacturer Guoguang Mould provides you with high-quality cutlery moulds, plastic knife moulds, plastic fork moulds, and plastic spoon moulds.
    10 / 30 - 2020

    How to design thin wall food container mould?

    Thin wall food container mould must take into account the wall thickness, net weight, stackability and airtightness, so higher mould processing equipment must be used to achieve linearity.
    10 / 23 - 2020

    Points of Manufacturing Thin Wall Food Container Mould

    If you are looking for a thin wall food container mould supplier, please contact us, we can not only help you produce thin wall food container moulds, but also provide you with related production solutions.
    10 / 03 - 2020

    Thin wall mould

    China thin wall mould manufacturer, Guoguang Mould has more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing thin wall moulds
    09 / 25 - 2020

    What kind of steel should be used to make cutlery mould

    Cutlery mould are widely used in daily use. In the process of manufacturing cutlery mould, the commonly used mould steels are P20/718/S136/H13/NAK80/45#, etc.
    09 / 18 - 2020

    China thin wall food container mould

    In the past two years, we have manufactured more than 200 sets of various thin wall moulds, such as thin wall food container moulds, cutlery moulds, etc.
    09 / 16 - 2020

    professional tableware mould maker

    Guoguang Mould is a professional tableware mould maker, manufacturing all kinds of plastic tableware and supplying high-quality tableware mould.
    09 / 16 - 2020
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