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    professional tableware mould maker


    Currently, there are many plastic tableware on the market, such as plastic spoons, plastic knives and plastic forks. Guoguang Mould is a professional tableware mould maker, manufacturing all kinds of plastic tableware and supplying high-quality tableware mould. Our fork moulds, spoon moulds, knife moulds, etc., are highly praised by customers. We can provide you with fast delivery plastic tableware production line service.

    As a tableware mould maker, Guoguang Mould has 35 years of experience in manufacturing plastic injection moulds, and has a very high level in the design and manufacture of plastic tableware mould. We pay attention to reasonable demand. According to customers' production requirements, injection moulding machine specifications and customers' investment capabilities, Guoguang can help customers choose the right mould cavity to maximize their production efficiency. We can also provide customized designs in round, square or oval shapes. Depending on the product shape, mould structure, and mould steel material (quenching takes more time), the comprehensive delivery time is about 30 days, such as a plastic coffee spoon, the number of mould cavities is 36, and the cycle period is 7s (the fastest can reach 6s).

    The quality of the mould is also the guarantee of the customer's production. If there is no quality mould, the buyer will need to spend a lot of time and money to repair it, which means your production line must be stopped and you cannot deliver in time, but Guoguang Mold can keep these worries away from you. If you want to quickly start the tableware production line and get all the equipment and perfect plastic tableware solutions in a short time, welcome to contact us and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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