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    A historical thin wall mould expert in China


    Zhejiang Taizhou Guoguang Mould Plastic Co.,Ltd, was established in 1985 which is specialized in manufacture thin wall mould, microwave container mould, thin wall food container mould, thin wall box mould, thin wall packaging mould in China. And as one of the TOP master in this area.


    Guoguang are specialized in thin wall high-speed moulds, such as IML mould, thin wall bowl mould, thin wall cup mould, thin wall kinfe mould, thin wall fork mould, thin wall spoon mould, etc. Almost all cutlery moulds can be customized by us.


    Guoguang's engineers had a very rich experience and comprehensive development spirit. A good mould design is the key. so we specially pay attention to the mould design and manufacture; Try to improve the design to maximize its service life and reduce the chance of maintenance.


    Guoguang will assist your product R&D every day, offer a broad range service to help you with your products. Such as mould design and manufacture, injection moulding, product assembly, and to meet your low price, short delivery time and high quality mold product requirements.