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    We firmly believe that our customers' trust comes from innovative brands. Only focus on quality.

    China professional thin wall mould manufacturer

    Zhejiang Taizhou Guoguang Mould Plastic Co.,Ltd. Was established in 1985 which is specialized in manufacture plastic injection thin wall mould, cutlery mould, and bucket mould. And as one of the TOP master in this area.

    Our factory is located in the town city of mold- Huangyan Which is an appealing eastern coast city of Zhejiang Province. Our own factory land is 3800 square meter. We have a very convenient transportation network, it’s only 15 minutes from train station, 15 minutes from high way, and 23 kilometers to the air port.

    With more than 30years’ factory manager and thin wall mould technical experience, we have high efficiency work team and strict quality control system. We set up perfect CAD/CAM/CAE system, and use high precision machine for the mould process, the dimension tolerance should be controlled within 0.05mm. Our wall thickness of round 500ml container can be 0.37mm. Round lid can be 0.34mm. For the cutlery we can make 42 cavities in 180mm length with 7seconds running in high speed machine.

    With the good quality, service and price, we cooperate with more than 20 countries’ customers, such as India, UAE, Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria, South Africa, Brazil, Australia, England and France. and received a high recognition.

    We warmly and sincerely looking forward to your visit and cooperation.

    Our mould advantage:
    good high-speed injection system

    • Special cooling system
    • Good performance material
    • Perfect air vent
    • Uniform wall thickness
    • Long mould life(more than 3 million shots)

    International Mould Exhibition

    Our corporate culture

    Mobilize the enthusiasm of employees through a competitive income distribution mechanism and continuously enrich the spiritual life of employees, thereby improving corporate cohesion, Stimulate employees' creativity and create a super-executive combat team.

    1. Corporate vision:

      -- Become a leading company and lead the industry development

    2. Our mission:

      -- Provide products that satisfy customers

    1. Core value:

      -- Adhere to high-end brand strategy, customer-centric, quality-oriented

    2. Code of conduct:

      -- Integrity and efficiency, honesty, win-win cooperation, and rigorous