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    Points of Manufacturing Thin Wall Food Container Mould


    With the progress of the social age and the liberation of human labor, our time is becoming more and more precious. The takeaway market is booming. The demand for fast food boxes used for takeaway grows exponentially, and the thin wall food container mould market is born. Guoguang Mould has rich experience in the production of thin wall food container moulds. We can produce high-quality thin wall food container moulds according to product design and mould design.

    Since 1985, we have maintained an annual shipment of 60 sets of thin wall moulds. Thin wall mould have been shipped from one to eight-cavity moulds. As the number of mould cavities increases, the moulds are getting higher and higher. So how to choose a high-quality food container mould?

    If you are looking for a thin wall food container mould supplier, please contact us, we can not only help you produce thin wall food container moulds, but also provide you with related production solutions. When the thin wall food container mould and equipment meet the customer's requirements and start production, we will provide you with technical support to ensure that your production goes smoothly.

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