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    China thin wall food container mould


    Guoguang are a leading thin wall mould factory in China, and we supply plastic food container moulds to the world.

    In the past two years, we have manufactured more than 200 sets of various thin wall moulds, such as thin wall food container moulds, cutlery moulds, etc.

    Most thin wall products are made of transparent or translucent PP.

    Guoguang use 2738 steel to make thin wall food container mould, which can make the containers produced have better gloss.

    The most critical technology for manufacturing thin wall food container mould is the fit between the lid, container and handle, which requires precision machine tools and skilled operation.

    The machines for making moulds use high-speed CNC milling machines, precision lathes, etc. Guoguang have a good management and quality control system to ensure that we can manufacture high-quality food container mould.

    Use the hot runner system to ensure that the mould works for a longer time.

    For large food containers, we generally make 1-cavity moulds. For small food containers, we generally make 4 cavities.

    Guoguang have a strong product design team and mould design team. The mould is designed with a good cooling system, suitable gate and demoulding method; it has the advantages of short cycle, stable operation and long mould life.

    If you have a project for thin wall food container mould, welcome to contact us, we are Guoguang Mould.

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