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    Professional Manufacture Of Plastic Cutlery Mould


    Guoguang Mould is a professional in cutlery mould manufacturer,Our cutlery moulds have unique high production performance.

    plastic knife mould, plastic fork mould can run with cycle time of 5seconds. And plastic tray mould, thinwall plastic containers 500ml and disposable 1L box mould in 3seconds cycle time in four cavity.

    we can also manufacture 32-cavity, 64-cavity and stack cutlery mould according to customer's production capacity requirements. The 48-cavity two-stack mould has nearly double improvement in production efficiency.

    For Cutlery Molds, high cavitation system performance can be enhanced by a range of StackTecks technologies including stack molds, quick product change (QPC) features, as well as In Mold Closing (IMC) capability pictured above. Parts can be molded with a living hinge at the middle of the handle, and the mold folds and locks the parts in the folded position before part ejection to the conveyor. This value-added approach enables packing of the fork into a much smaller space, while making it easy for the consumer to open the part which naturally locks into the open position before using.

    Nowadays, there are many plastic cutleries in the market, such as plastic spoon, plastic knife and plastic fork. GuoGuang Mould is a professional cutlery mould manufacturer, supplying top quality mould to make different kinds of plastic cutleries. We offer cutlery mould, knife fork spoon mould, knife mould, fork mould, spoon mould, stir stick mould, folding cutlery mould, spork mould etc. all are highly praised by our clients.

    Our mould also is diversity. provide cold runner and hot runner to customer choice, if need save the plastic material, we suggest used fully hot runner.

    Our moulds can be supplied with both cold and hot runners for customers to choose from. If required in terms of plastic material, we suggest used fully hot runner, which can save a lot of plastic material.

    Good mould quality is also very important character of us. Mould quality is also a guarantee for customers production.We generally choose H13, S136, 2344, 2316 and other quenching materials for thin wall cutlery mould to ensure the strength and life.

    With good mould steel and precision tooling and good cooling system guaranteed our cutlery mould life to 2 millioln shots.

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