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    Cutlery mould manufacturer


    Plastic cutlery is welcomed by the catering industry because of its advantages of recyclability, environmental protection, low cost, and long service life. Plastic cutlery includes many types, such as plastic lunch boxes, plastic bowls, plastic knives, plastic spoons, etc.

    The cutlery mould is made of high-precision machining, and the core part of the mould is made of S420 steel. This material has a good polishing effect and can make the product more transparent. At the same time, it is a stainless steel material that can ensure a longer mould life. In addition, some products The use of beryllium bronze as the core part of the mould can effectively ensure that the cutlery products are more smoothly filled during injection moulding, the cooling effect is better, and the product quality is higher. If your plastic cutlery products have a high output, we recommend that you use a high-speed injection moulding machine.

    Technical highlights of cutlery moulds

    Cutlery mould manufacturer Guoguang Mould provides you with high-quality cutlery moulds, plastic knife moulds, plastic fork moulds, and plastic spoon moulds. We are a highly skilled cutlery mould manufacturer. We will provide you with the perfect cutlery mould technology solution.