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    How to design thin wall food container mould?


    At this stage, China's thin wall moulding is widely used in food packaging, skin care products, and stationery products. For example: disposable lunch boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes and other daily necessities. The thin wall injection-moulded disposable lunch box is favored by more and more customers due to its environmental sanitation, beautiful appearance, large application temperature range, non-oil, non-water, and good pressure resistance.

    Guoguang Mould has rich working experience in the production and manufacture of high-quality thin wall food container mould. The thin wall food container moulds produced can be applied to thin wall food containers of different volumes and models, including rectangles, rings and squares; 200ml, 300ml, 500ml, 750ml, 1L...

    Thin wall food container mould steel material

    The core and cavity steel materials of thin wall food container moulds can use S136, DIN1.2316, DIN1.2344, DIN1.2738 and H13.

    Thin wall food container mould cycle time

    Embedding beryllium copper on the top of the thin wall food container mould core can accelerate the cooling rate and greatly reduce the cycle time of the circulation system.

    Thin wall food container mould cavities

    There are 1 cavity, 2 cavity, 4 cavity, 6 cavity cavities for thin wall food container moulds...We can provide you with the best cavities according to your equipment and production capacity regulations.

    Thin wall food container mould must take into account the wall thickness, net weight, stackability and airtightness, so higher mould processing equipment must be used to achieve linearity. Guoguang Mould invested a lot of assets to purchase high-precision mould processing equipment, including Fadia high-precision 3+2 axis computer CNC milling machine from Spain, DMG high-precision 5-axis CNC milling machine from France, and Shaddick mirror spark machine from Japan. The use of this kind of machinery and equipment will ensure that the thin wall food container mould has a small tolerance and high precision, and the wall thickness of the thin wall food container is more symmetrical during the injection process.

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