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    The future of thin-walled food container moulds


    In China, thin wall mould has been widely used for food packaging, skin care products and stationery products. Many daily products, food packaging, medical components, bento boxes, cosmetic packaging boxes,... Thin wall injection moulded disposable lunch boxes are becoming increasingly popular with customers due to their environmental hygiene, aesthetics, wide application temperature range, oil-free, water-free and good pressure resistance. Because of low cost and large output, thin wall products are becoming more and more popular among merchants.Plastic cutlery is welcomed by the catering industry because of its advantages of recyclability . As a result, Plastic thin wall mould have become a focal point of the mould industry.

    China thin wall mould manufacturer, Guoguang Mould has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing thin-wall moulds. Guoguang Moulds further promotes the possibilities of future sanitation.

    In a future where environmental hygiene is bound to be a serious issue for mankind, The thin wall injection moulded disposable food containers are bound to be a major player in this, so the role of thin wall food container mould is indispensable in the future.

    Guoguang are a leading thin wall mould factory in China, and we supply plastic food container moulds to the world. If you have a project for thin wall food container mould, welcome to contact us, we are Guoguang Mould.

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