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    What kind of steel should be used to make cutlery mould


    Cutlery mould are widely used in daily use. Spoon moulds are the most used in disposable cutlery. The requirements are also relatively high. The surface must be high-gloss, the parting surface must be perfect and there must be no flashing, and the surface effect must be good. Long life, steel is one of the keys. In the process of manufacturing cutlery mould, the commonly used mould steels are P20/718/S136/H13/NAK80/45#, etc. Guoguang generally uses imported steel. The steel produced by the Swedish factory is well-known for its quality. 718 mould steel has almost become the most commonly used cavity material for plastic moulds. The newly produced HOTVAR hot work steel can work at 650 degrees Celsius at HRC54-56.

    Pre-hardened plastic mould steel

    Sweden 718H: used for high-polished and high-demand internal mould parts, suitable for PA, POM, PS, PE, PP, ABS plastics, hardened and fired to about HB290~370

    Corrosion-resistant mirror mould steel

    S136: suitable for mirror moulds, high acid resistance after quenching, can ensure that the cooling pipe is not corroded, suitable for PVC, PP, EP, PC, PMMA plastics, food industry machinery components, soft annealed to about HB 215 ~330 (can be hardened to about HRC52), generally used to make transparent cutlery moulds, the mould life can reach 200W mould times.

    High hardness and high polishing mirror plastic mould steel

    NAK80: High hardness, excellent mirror effect, good electrical discharge machining, excellent welding performance, suitable for electro-erosion and polishing performance moulds.

    Pre-hardened high-quality plastic mould steel

    DIN1.2738: steel with nickel content, uniform hardness, good cutting, used for high-demand plastic moulds, especially suitable for electro-erosion operations, hardened and fired to HB 290~330

    Pre-hardened corrosion-resistant mirror mould steel

    DIN1.2316: high chromium stainless steel, pre-hardened, excellent corrosion resistance, good polishing and cutting, easy to reach mirror effect. Suitable for moulds for transparent and mirror products, after hardening and fire to HB 265~310.