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  • food container mould factory

    food container mould factory

    Guoguang Mould specializes in producing high-quality food container mould. Food containers are the preferred plastic storage equipment for many families. Plastic PP and HDPE are more commonly used. We have many kinds of thin wall food container mould design files for customers to choose, and we can also design food container mould according to customer requirements.

    food container mould:

    • 1. Reasonable mould structure design can provide product quality and capability.
    • 2. Have a good cooling system to reduce product moulding cycle time.
    • 3. Good polishing effect to improve the surface quality of the product and smooth demoulding.
    • 4. In the entire production process, the robot can be used to complete the production of the product to improve the overall production status and product quality of the product.

    We are an experienced food container mould factory, with more than 20 food container production line construction experience, distributed in Europe, North America, South Africa and other countries. We can always provide customers with plastic moulding and plastic production lines. We look forward to more customers getting in touch with us to discuss food container moulding and projects and other technical issues.

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