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  • china food container mould suppliers

    china food container mould suppliers

    Guoguang's food container mould uses S136 steel material. After 5-axis high-speed milling to ensure its high precision and thin wall requirements. The wall thickness can reach 0.35 mm. It adopts multi-cavity design to meet customer output requirements. A special process is made on the mould to prevent product eccentricity.

    Features of food container

    • 1. It has a high-temperature resistance of +120℃, and a low temperature of -20℃, which can be used for microwave food cooking and refrigerator food preservation and cold storage.
    • 2. The standardized design of specifications and volume provides standardized and convenient packaging for fast food distribution and industrial automated production
    • 3. It is not easily broken and deformed, which is convenient for food packaging and distribution.
    • 4. It is suitable for a large number of people and is favoured by most consumers. The appropriate price and reliable quality provide consumers with the highest quality services.
    • 5. Material: new imported transparent PP (polypropylene), food-grade material, certified by the US FDA
    • 6. Uses: catering companies to package food and other uses
    • 7. Environmental protection: This product is made of environmentally friendly PP, and it is acid and alkali resistant, and does not release harmful chemicals to the human body at high temperature.

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