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  • professional thin wall food container mould manufacture

    professional thin wall food container mould manufacture

    We produce thin wall food container mould. Guoguang Mould is a well-known thin wall food container mould manufacture in China. We design, manufacture and produce various thin wall food container moulds, such as yogurt cups, disposable fast food packaging boxes, and sundries boxes according to customer requirements and packaging requirements. , Home medicine cabinet and so on.

    We attach great importance to the steel selection and processing methods of thin wall food container mould, ensuring the quality life of the mould and the performance of the product from three aspects. They are:

    • 1. Material selection, application and processing. We will recommend suitable steel as the core steel of thin wall food container mould for customers according to their special requirements and capacity requirements. Through such a specific choice, we can effectively save development costs for customers and increase the service life of molds.
    • 2. Screening of processing equipment. Our process engineers will select more suitable processing equipment according to different product structures and design requirements, and effectively control the processing accuracy and reduce the processing cycle.
    • 3. Dimensional inspection and verification after processing. After each processing procedure is completed, technical engineers will process the components and core components for size inspection verification to ensure zero error, zero error, and uniform wall thickness.

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