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  • Takeaway lunch packaging container mould maker

    Takeaway lunch packaging container mould maker

    Professional takeaway transparent packaging box mould maker. This takeaway lunch packaging container mould has a capacity of 650ml and uses 6 cavities to greatly improve production efficiency. Usually, this disposable food packaging box uses high-quality transparent plastic.

    The takeaway transparent packaging box is a low-cost product, and usually can quickly make a profit after starting production. In consideration of allowing customers to output more quickly, Guoguang Mould inserts beryllium copper on the top of the core of the packaging box mould to speed up the cooling rate and greatly shorten the cycle time; the core and cavity steel materials use S136, DIN1.2316, DIN1.2344, DIN1.2738 and H13 (according to customer's choice), can guarantee the service life of the packaging container mould under high-speed injection.

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