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  • thin wall food container mould

    thin wall food container mould

    If you are looking for excellent thin wall food container mould, or you have a thin wall product that needs to be customized. You can choose Guoguang mould. Guoguang Mould provides you with high-quality thin wall food container mould, and can directly produce finished products for you.

    Thin-walled products generally have a wall thickness of 0.45-0.6 mm. At present, there are more thin wall food containers on the market, such as fast food boxes, packing boxes, fresh-keeping boxes and so on. Thin wall food container moulding is more difficult, and the mould requirements are very strict, so developers must consider comprehensively when looking for suppliers. Because the demand for food container is very large, the mould must be of good quality and long life.

    Thin wall food container mould must have gloss, smooth surface, and good fluidity of the plastic in the cavity, so that the product can be easily formed. Moreover, the wall thickness of thin-walled products is very small, which requires a very high process required for the product. Therefore, to make a thin wall food container mould, not only high-quality mould materials, but also certain skills are needed. Guoguang's thin wall food container mould is exported overseas. In the process of making finished products, we have not only fast speed, good quality, low scrap rate, but also long mould life, which can support long-term processing.

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