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  • thin wall food container mould manufacture

    thin wall food container mould manufacture

    Guoguang is a China professional food container mould manufacture. In the market, there are many thin wall food container moulds with different shapes and different uses. For example, bowl mould, box mould, etc. These thin wall food container moulds can be used to package cheese, ice cream, Chocolate, Fresh Fruit, snacks, etc.

    For thin wall food container mould, mould steel should also be carefully considered. P20 steel is widely used in the manufacture of plastic injection thin wall food container moulds, but due to the high pressure of thin wall moulding, the steel must be processed. For example, when we use S136 stainless steel for thin wall mould core and cavity steel. After heat treatment, the hardness of food container mould steel can reach HRC 42-48. DIN 1.2344 can produce moulds with higher-finish and longer life. At the same time, the rational use of beryllium copper can ensure a better cooling effect, thereby shortening the cycle time and allowing customers to produce more thin wall container as soon as possible.

    What is the Technical points of thin wall food container mould:

    • 1. Injection system design and a special cooling system
    • 2. High-precision processing
    • 3. Select steel materials for each part of the mould
    • 4. Exhaust system specially designed for thin-walled moulds
    • 5. High speed plastic injection moulding equipment

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