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  • plastic spoon mould

    plastic spoon mould

    Guoguang specializes in manufacturing plastic spoon moulds. Plastic spoon moulds include yoghurt, ice cream, jelly and other spoons. These spoons are generally disposable. Therefore, the market demand for such products will be very huge. Therefore, many customers have decided to invest in such projects and process production in response to this. Guoguang can provide one-stop service for your plastic spoon project, so that your products can be put on the market earlier.

    Spoon mould design

    • 1. Number of cavities: According to the customer's output requirements, it can be from 8 cavities to 48. There are also customers whose output is particularly large. We will recommend stacking moulds. Such as 24+24, 48+48
    • 2. Mould design: We can not only do it as it is, but also design the most suitable product according to your requirements.
    • 3. Runner system: The runner can be designed not only as a full hot runner but also as a semi-hot runner. Full hot runner saves more raw materials than half hot runner.
    • 4. Steel material: For this kind of products, we will recommend using steel material with higher cleanliness. Such as S136, H13 and other high-clean steel materials.

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