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    cutlery mould

    Guoguang Mould is a professional cutlery mould maker, manufacturing all kinds of plastic cutlery and supplying cutlery moulds. Our fork moulds, spoon moulds, knife moulds, etc. are highly praised by customers. Guoguang pays attention to a reasonable demand. According to the production requirements of customers, the specifications of injection moulding machines, etc., Guoguang can help customers choose the right cutlery mould cavity and maximize their production efficiency.

    Our cutlery moulds are also diverse. Like a fork mould, we made 32 cavities, and the fork formed a circle on the mould. What‘s more, 32-cavity spoon moulds, we make them into 4 rows, make full use of the hot runner, and save a lot of plastic materials. If you are interested in our cutlery mould, please contact us!

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