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  • China professional knife mould manufacture

    China professional knife mould manufacture

    China professional knife mould manufacturer, Guoguang mould has produced various knife moulds for various countries around the world. Plastic knives can be divided into ordinary knives and folding knives in terms of product appearance. Different products are equipped with different knives on different occasions. For example, the plastic knives used in restaurants are all ordinary knives, and the knives used on some foods are generally folded, which does not take up space and is convenient for packaging. The processing technology of different knife moulds is not the same. Guoguang specializes in manufacturing plastic knife moulds. Plastic knives are generally disposable. Therefore, the market demand for such products will be very huge. Therefore, many customers have decided to invest in such projects and process production in response to this.

    There are generally two kinds of plastic materials for the knife. Different plastic materials have different choices of steel materials for moulds. The steel material of the knife mould is generally selected from steel materials such as 13, S13, 344, 31, and quenching material. Because plastic knives are fast-moving consumer goods, the moulds are generally opened in multiple cavities, and the mould shape is designed to be square or round. The point gate method is adopted. The hot runner adopts full hot runner or semi-hot runner. If the mould is designed to be square, then the semi-hot runner can be used, and the mould is made into an insert type.

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