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  • Plastic paint bucket mould manufacture

    Plastic paint bucket mould manufacture

    As a plastic mould manufacturer, when we choose the steel of plastic paint bucket mould. Generally, pre-hardened acid-resistant steels can be selected, such as 2316 and M340. These two materials have strong corrosion resistance. It is easy to achieve the lens effect after polishing, and the hardness can reach more than 52 after quenching.

    For plastic paint bucket moulds, China plastic paint bucket mould manufacture, Guoguang can manufacture it with precise dimensions according to product design, weight requirements, etc., and optimize the design in terms of mould structure, steel, cooling time, etc., so that the paint bucket mould meet higher requirements.

    Guoguang Mould is a plastic paint bucket mould manufacture. According to customer needs, we will manufacture the most suitable plastic paint bucket moulds. Guoguang insists on producing high-quality moulds and provides customers with the most thoughtful service.

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