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  • plastic jelly cup mould maker

    plastic jelly cup mould maker

    Although the plastic jelly cup mould looks simple, it also has very high requirements on the injection moulding process. It is necessary to use a high-speed injection moulding machine to meet the productivity requirements. Hot runners are generally used to make jelly cup moulds, which can shorten the moulding cycle of plastic jelly cups. 

    During the moulding process of the plastic jelly cup mould, the temperature of the plastic melt must be strictly controlled. Plastic can flow into the mould cavity uniformly, thereby producing jelly cups of consistent quality. The plastic jelly cup produced in this way has good gate quality, low residual stress after demolding, and small part deformation. There is no need to trim gates and recycle cold runners. It is suitable for mass production.

    In addition, as a professional plastic jelly cup mould maker, Guoguang Mould is also very particular about the steel for the plastic jelly cup moulds. Due to the smoothness and permeability of the surface, S136 Swedish steel is generally used, and the mould life can reach more than 3 million times, which greatly reduces the cost of mould opening.

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